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"Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom."

George Patton
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Custom Search Engine Optimization Campaign

If a search phrase is competitive, say "web design dc", the top ten listings are not there by mistake. Out of 1.2 million results, only those top ten will be looked at. Getting there and staying there will not happen as a result of simple tweaking, frequent submission, or simple tricks. Those top ten spots belong to companies that spend the time to get there and stay there. Like any competitive sports league, getting to the top means that everyone is now out to get you. They will copy what you’ve done well and exploit any weaknesses you may have. To stay on top, you need a team of assistant coaches breaking down the opponents game every week, identifying new strategies and adding innovations as quickly as those underneath who are trying to pull you back into the chasm. If you want this kind of search engine marketing, you’ll want a custom approach. Custom does not mean "open your checkbook and we’ll tell you when we’re done." Even the most aggressive campaign has to respond to the potential return on investment. The custom approach requires a commitment on the part of the client to adopt aggressive recommendations in order to achieve and maintain that top listing. However, we will provide a staged approach at which decisions concerning budget allocations can be made before moving forward. The first stage is the initial evaluation. We charge a flat €300 plus €100 per keyphrase. This price includes competitive analysis of the phrase, suggested equivalent phrases, and a review of current traffic and positioning factors. We will prepare an outline of further steps to be taken on an ongoing basis, with a proposed budget for each strategy employed. While this program requires a one-year commitment, specific budget requirements will be reviewed every three months, giving the Client greater control over spending. Measures that will be taken as part of this ongoing process include, but are not limited to the following:

Strategic Planning

At the beginning, and once every three months, we will do an "ex-nihilo" review of the Web site, the results so far, and the measures in place. We will conduct the following tests as part of the evaluation, and prepare a suggested strategy for the next three month period.

Determine existing traffic, desired audience, and list of potential key phrases.

Refine key phrases using tools that show actual search behavior as well as competition for particular phrases.

Evaluate present site in terms of existing visibility to those key phrases.

Content & Tag Optimization Content & Tag Optimization

A Web site is only as relevant as the actual content. We ensure that certain phrases are well placed, both in the body and in title and meta tags. If a key phrase is not well represented by its own page, we will create such a content page. These pages are designed to be part of the overall site: to be useful to human visitors as well as search engine spiders. Tasks in this section include:

Rewriting of content on home page to emphasize priority key phrase.

Development or rewriting of additional content pages for other key phrases.

Title tags, meta-tags, h1 and alt tags for all pages.

Submission To Search Engines & Directories

There are between ten and twenty important search engines and directories, many of which now charge for submission. In addition, there are many industry and geographically specific directories.

Free submission to Google, Open Directory, Zeal (for non-profits) and local or industry specific directories.

Paid submission to Yahoo, Lycos, Inktomi, Teomi, and other relevant directories.

Management of listings on PPC Search Engines

Overture and Google Adwords provide listings to many of the major search engines. Often, instead of creating whole pages to satisfy certain key phrases, it makes more sense to pay for positions in these pay-per-click search engines. We will ensure that the Client is paying the optimal price for desired positions. We will research into any under-used key phrases that may result in quality traffic at a lower cost.

Keyword searches aimed at finding value phrases.

Management of listing prices to ensure proper placement at lowest price.

Review of results from various ad and key phrase listings.

Content & Tag Optimization

Page rank is a key factor in several search engines. The key is to have links coming to your site from other, reputable sites.

Identification of potential cross-linking opportunities.

Contacting and solicitation of such opportunities, adding links when required.

Identification of potential free press release posting opportunities.

Preparation and submission of press releases.

Rank Reports

Once a strategy has begun blossoming, it will probably have to be tailored. We use a series of reports to evaluate the work already performed, and to create a map on where to go next.

Baseline report prior to initial optimization stage.

Ongoing reports on monthly basis.
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