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"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."

Babe Ruth
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Best Search Engine Optimization Practices

I. Initial Assessment

Optimization has to start somewhere. Before we set to work on a Web site, we need to know what itís already doing, who the audiences are, and what we are optimizing it for.

Determine existing traffic, desired audience, and list of potential key phrases.

Refine key phrases using tools that show actual search behavior as well as competition for particular phrases.

Evaluate present site in terms of existing visibility to those key phrases.

II. Content and Tag Optimization

Good content is key to search engine optimization, and itís a great way to make your site more useful to your target audience. We focus on placing the key phrases at those points where search engines look hardest.

Rewriting of content on home page to emphasize priority key phrase
Development or rewriting of additional content pages for other key phrases.

Title tags, meta-tags, h1 and alt tags for all pages.

III. Submission to search engines and directories

Submission to search engines and directories, and use of PPC directories. There are between ten and twenty important search engines and directories, many of which now charge for submission. In addition, there are many industry and geographically specific directories.

Free submission to Google, Open Directory, Zeal (for non-profits) and local or industry specific directories.

Paid submission to Yahoo, Lycos, Inktomi, Teomi, and other relevant directories.

PPC submission to Overture and Google Ad-words, targeting key phrases that are not getting as high ratings.

IV. Cross linking solicitation and Press Release propagation

Page rank is a key factor in several search engines. The key is to have links coming to your site from other, reputable sites.

Identification of potential cross-linking opportunities.

Contacting and solicitation of such opportunities, adding links when required.

Identification of potential free press release posting opportunities.

Preparation and submission of press releases.

V. Rank Reports

Once a strategy has begun blossoming, it will probably have to be tailored. We use a series of reports to evaluate the work already performed, and to create a map on where to go next.

Baseline report prior to initial optimization stage.

Ongoing reports on monthly basis.

VI. Repeat

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. More competitors will emerge, search phrase patterns will change, and the search engines will change their ranking algorithms. Also, your business may expand or you may not be satisfied with a first round of results. The ideal SEO campaign is an ongoing affair.
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